Tacos and Ice Cream?
You better believe it!

food with a story. tacos, quesadillas and Mexican 

cuisine are made from the freshest ingredients from farm to table! our Ice cream and slushies are crafted from our family citrus and other local flavors!




Why did a family of citrus farmers decide to open a restaurant on vero'S beach? it's simple, really. el sid taqueria started on the farm. a love of fresh grown produce, quality meats, and friends that could provide both made it simple. farmers love a good crop. whether it's the corn grown to make the perfect tortilla or the beef raised to sizzle on a grill and fill your mouth with flavor, we farmers are the original foodies.

our family has been planting, picking, and packing indian river citrus for generations. our fresh juice makes a sweet marinade when mixing with the right spices, and sOMe of the food you'll enjoy here started with family recipes that are tried and true.

i'm sid banack, head of the clan, but you can call me el sid. raised in central america as a child, i've passed a love for quality, culture and food TO the entire family. we all love a good meal, and we're not afraid to get our hands dirty to make sure it starts with fresh ingredients and ends with full bellies and smiles.


welcome, amigo. 

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